About us

SkyTel provides high-quality multimedia communications services worldwide. This is achieved through the use of modern solutions from world brands, direct interconnects with national operators and Tier 1 operators.

Our services:

  • Modern cloud PBX
  • High-quality communication services with CallerID presentation with per-second billing
  • Client protection – anti-fraud and anti-spam systems for our customers
  • Fax support (T.38 fax relay and G.711 fax pass-through)
  • Free iNum numbers in code +883 5100
  • Estonian desk phone numbers (+372), saving a number – transferring your number to SkyTel network
  • Virtual numbers (Republic of Estonia, Russia – St. Petersburg and Moscow)
  • Support encryption of conversations and transmitted data within the network
  • Remote Server Administration
  • Configuring and consulting on the installation of Asterisk and FreeSWITCH PBXs and other telephone equipment
  • GSM mobile services

SkyTel OÜ was founded in the Republic of Estonia in 2015

SkyTel OÜ is a member of the SkyTel Group

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